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Newconcept is a small web design studio in Budapest led by Szabolcs Bakos, a freelance web designer focusing simple, clean and efficient grid-based web design, responsive web design, web application design and front-end coding for agencies and developers.

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About me

My name is Szabolcs Bakos and I am a freelance web-designer. I have been dealing with web design for over 15 years, with a focus on clean, modern web sites.

My Work

Reliability and keen focus on keeping deadlines. If you wish to have a look at how I work click here to see my international jobs which I made public.

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Should you have any, please visit my FAQ site where you can check out a selection of typical questions and answers. It is very useful if you have a project.

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To start a project I need the following things:

  • Project briefing
    If you do not have it please download the Client Worksheet
  • Project wireframes (mockups)
  • Project files (photos, logo style guide)
Client Worksheet

If you have a project please Download it!

I read all e-mails and do my best to reply to all of them as soon as possible. Yet, I will also have to consider priorities, especially if business is concerned. Please, pardon me if I cannot reply non-business related e-mails immediately, but I will try.

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Please visit the FAQ section.

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